The current economic model has brought about unsustainable levels of resource consumption, environmental degradation, and social inequality. We see the devastating effects of this in the people and environment around us. Our time for debating is running out, and the time for action is now. When there is so much to do, what to do can seem overwhelming.

For World Fair Trade Day, observed on 13 May 2023, The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) will focus on the theme “Reimagining the Economy: Regenerative Businesses for the Future.” It’s critically important for us to reimagine the economy and find a more sustainable and equitable way forward.

As we seek to create a better future, it’s essential that citizens, enterprises, activists, influencers and policy makers work together to promote Fair Trade practices and support ethical and sustainable businesses.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can join the Fair Trade movement and contribute to creating this future with us.


  • Ask the right questions to educate yourself and others: Question the impact of your purchasing choices and the principles of your favourite brands and businesses. Read about Fair Trade, Fair Trade principles and ask for the right information from the right sources. The WFTO website and social media channels are regularly updated with the latest information, and you can sign up to receive the WFTO newsletter via the contact form below.
  • Engage in responsible consumption: Think about the impact of your purchasing power. Responsible consumption means choosing products and services that are produced using fair labour and environmental practices, reducing consumption of single-use materials, and choosing products with minimal packaging. Encourage others to adopt these practices by leading by example and sharing information on how to make more sustainable choices.
  • Support local and small businesses: Support local and small businesses that prioritise sustainability and fairness in their practices. This can help reduce the environmental impact of transportation and support the local economy. You can also contact us via the contact form below to find out about products and services WFTO members can supply.


Activists & Influencers:

  • Raise awareness and advocate for change: Raise awareness about issues related to Fair Trade and sustainability by sharing information through social media, organising events and campaigns, and engaging with local and national media outlets. Advocate for change by lobbying policy makers and businesses to adopt more sustainable and equitable practices.
  • Support and promote local initiatives: Support and promote local initiatives that prioritise sustainability and fairness in their practices, such as community gardens, farmers’ markets, and sustainable transportation options.

WFTO is an international network of over 450 Fair Trade enterprises from more than 80 countries that focus on supporting, developing and promoting businesses who are committed to Fair Trade.

  • WFTO focuses on the entire supply chain of businesses involved in Fair Trade, including producers, cooperatives, wholesalers, and retailers. Its primary goal is to create a supportive environment for these businesses to thrive and uphold WFTO’s 10 Fair Trade principles.
  • WFTO operates as a global network of enterprises committed to Fair Trade principles. Members are subject to peer review and self-assessment processes, as well as independent verification to ensure compliance with WFTO’s principles.
  • WFTO’s 10 Principles of Fair Trade cover a broader range of topics, including transparency, accountability, capacity building, payment of fair prices, gender equity, and environmental sustainability. The focus is on long-term, holistic improvement for the enterprise and communities involved in Fair Trade.

As we strive to create a more sustainable and equitable global and local economies, it is crucial that Fair Trade enterprises on every level of the supply chain receive the support they need on this journey.


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