Committee of Management

JEDO Committee of Management


The JEDO Committee of Management is appointed by Most Reverend Timothy Costelloe SDB, Catholic Archbishop of Perth. They are governed by the endorsed Constitution which provides its brief to operate the Justice, Ecology and Development Office. The Committee members provide support and guidance to the JEDO Director who is appointed to manage the day to day affairs of the Office.

The Justice, Ecology and Development Office (of the Archdiocese of Perth) is mandated to assist the Archdiocese in fulfilling its responsibilities in furthering the Mission of the Church in accordance with the beliefs, values, traditions and social teaching of the Catholic Church.


Peter Higgins                             (Chair)

Dcn Paul Reid                            (Member)

Sr Jacinta Unger (RGS)           (Member)

Bernadette Dell                         (Member)

Clare Cole-Carter                      (Member)

Carol Mitchell                           (JEDO Director)

Beryl Rahman                           (JEDO Project/Admin Officer)

Bibiana Kwaramba                  (JEDO Project/Admin Officer)