Social Justice Statement

31 January 2023

JEDO Workshops_16 & 23 February 2023 – RESPECT: Confronting Violence & Abuse

30 November 2022

Violence and abuse take centre stage of campaign

13 September 2022

SPECIAL REPORT: Domestic violence not something we can turn a blind eye to, Bishop Sproxton highlights

30 August 2021

Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor calls for economic and ecological conversion

30 October 2020

Faith through social justice action – a truly privileged space

30 August 2020

2020 Social Justice Statement: ‘Issue of mental health is a matter of justice’ says Bishop Sproxton

30 October 2019

Social Justice Statement Perth Launch: Church explores how to make a genuine online presence

30 September 2018

Social Justice Statement 2018-2019 Perth launch: Putting others’ needs above our own

30 October 2017

Perth launch of 2017 Social Justice Statement reiterates economic justice